Your best marketing tool for just a £1 a day!

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In most cases a website is your best marketing tool, promoting your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week all around the world, that kind of marketing isn’t available anywhere else is it?

Website prices vary, I’ve heard people pay just £250 to anywhere around six figures, but on average a good company will charge on around £1500 – £3000, now bear in mind, a good well developed website can last around 4 years that works out about a £1.00 a day! It’s easy to see that getting a return of your investment shoudn’t take very long.

How do we know that a good website lasts around 4 years? Well, we’ve been running Four Degrees West website design services for 8 years now and we’re still running the same websites we created 4 years ago and they’re still driving business to most of those customers.

If you’re thinking of having a website price is obviously a factor but quality, design and developed (make sure your web design company meets W3C standards) should come first, your website will stand the test of time and should help your business grow for several years.

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