Time to Toggl.com one brilliant time keeping application

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The company has been using Toggl for several weeks now and we’re so impressed we had to say something.

Toggl is a timekeeping application, you simply create a project and assign a client, then with just a couple of clicks time spent on the project is recorded. What’s more Toggl comes with a desktop application that actually tracks if you’re working on your computer, for example when you nip to the toliet (restroom) the client clock could still be running but Toggl sees that you’ve stop working and asks whether that last 10mins (while in the toliet) needs to be recorded. With simple well thought out basic configuration means that Toggl really does help keep a accurate account of time spent of a client project. Each client project takes less than 10secs setting up the Toggl.

To find out more about the wonderful Toggl -  https://www.toggl.com

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