Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) why should I upgrade?

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Leave your house keys in your door and someone will probably do the decent thing and knock on your door and tell you, but there of course annoying worms out there who would probably steal them only to return once you’re out. Yet when it comes to security the Internet police still can’t get through to people about security, one of the most popular stupid things is people not updating their computer.

It’s still popular, the old website browser called Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), I know it’s difficult to keep up to date with software versions but when it comes to security (for one thing) then there isn’t any excuse for being lapse about upgrading. I know it looks like it works, you check your bank account online, order stuff from Amazon yet the fact are that it isn’t very secure, it’s not supported anymore by Microsoft so you will not get essential updates, I could rant on.

Updating your browser is free, new versions are there for a reason, they improve security, stop spyware and adware, new versions are released to help protect your personal information from being stolen! So stop using this browser, be sensible upgrade, it only takes about 5 mins.

Next time you check your bank statement and find someone else is using it to buy stuff ask yourself, I wonder if it’s because I use Internet Explorer 6?

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