Don’t bother to optimise your website, optimise your company…

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I’ve just had another email exchange regarding missing meta tags such as keywords, and having to explain that it will help putting these things right, but they’re still not going to get a top 20 listing.

Although you could probably say that the majority of websites don’t contain the right page content keywords, descriptions, header etc. etc. that would still leave a minority which would still leave a few million!

So, with the majority out of the way and you’re only (sarcasm) left with a few million competitors you’ll stand very little chance of hitting that top 20 natural listing (anywhere before page 3), so just forget it and try and concentrate on optimising the company.

Time to tell the world how successfully you were this month, how many exports you generated, maybe there is a new member of staff this month, or it could be you’ve just decorated your hotel room. You need to join the network of news or social media, there are people around the world who want to know about your company, so spread the word by creating interesting articles, create a company Facebook account, get Linkedin and get tweeting.

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