Curiosity keeps the cat alive!

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I saw a product on the television last night, so this morning I searched the Internet for that product, Google returned lots of results and amongst the results where various prices being shown even before I clicked on a link. Adverts (Adwords) also appeared down the right hand side showing varying prices from £14.99 to £24.99.

At the very top of the results, page 1 position 1 of Google, which I’m sure you’d admit is a great place be for any business was a website with heading – Warning – Don’t buy this product until you have read this website! Naturally, as I was interested in the product I was curious to read more so I visited the website.

The website was advertising and selling the very same product! The warning was a very clever marketing stunt, the website introduction was merely warning me to the fact that there have been many claims surrounding the success of the product and that many people where actually selling at a various prices, and since you’re already on our website you can buy this product for…! You get the idea.

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