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BT Customer service

4DW have relocated their business to Wykeham in Scarborough, since we are a web site design company we need the Internet. The first thing we did is ask around the village to find out just how good (or bad) the Internet speed was, the response was as we expected, fairly slow around 1.5Mbit/s. Our next step was to call BT to sort our telephone line and whilst were already talking to BT we enquired about broadband speed, the response was “10Mbit/s to 15Mbit/s”, which of course is rubbish considering how far we are from the exchange and the fact that we had already talked to people. We asked them if they could guarantee that! The response was as expected “No!”.

Simply by doing online tests and talking to people, it was very annoying knowing that BT are up-selling a service. If you didn’t know just how this type of broadband service worked and you talked to BT with a promise (not a guarantee) of fast Internet you would be tied in to a contract for at least 12 months and have a disappointed service.

If you need broadband then you put up with the speed, you don’t have a choice, if BT could make it faster then they would, that’s not the point. Not telling people the facts when you’re enquiring about a service is just wrong.

The flip side of customer service from Zen Internet

Some weeks ago I contacted Zen Internet, I know they used to do a 1 month rolling contract so I rang them and they still do! I gave them our postcode and phone number and the response was “you’re quite far from the exchange, you’ll be lucky to get a maximum of 2Mbit/s”, I knew that! BT the people who put the service together apparently DIDN’T.

With some much advertising from BT broadband and Talk Talk, I think people are forgetting just how many other companies provide the broadband service, yes BT have to install it, but you don’t need to know that. A company such as Zen Internet provide a fantastic service, ok the broadband speed depends where you live and that can’t be changed, but as Harry Hill would say “FIGHT” the Zen Internet customer service would win every time and without lying.

We’re getting super fast wireless broadband!

The Wykeham estate where the Scarborough web design office is located will soon be getting at least 10Mbit/s connection delivered over wifi. The connection speed is set to increase over time but for now we are very happy.

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