A cheap budget website is false economy, just don’t bother…

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I’ve just spent half a day (around 4 hours), making sure a fairly large website has the correct keywords, descriptions and relevant page content so that hopefully our customer will beneifit from search engine optimisation. The new website replaces an old website which is already established in Google and other search engines, so I also recreated a function called a RewriteRule which tells Google for example that the old page is no longer there but to send people to the new page. That way current search results still appear to be valid.

Spending half a day just on the background development of a website areas not seen by the public is just a small part of what some companies don’t bother with, that’s why we are sorry to say that we can’t create budget websites, we like to create websites that will hopefully work for our customers thus giving them a return of investment, rather than just throwing money away find a company that will help you get the most from your site, getting a return on your investment is the key to success and when it pays for itself it doesn’t get much cheaper than that.

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